Bright & Airy, Dark & Moody, Vintage

Have you ever had a photography session, hoped for a certain type of look, and then were disappointed when the photos were delivered because you wished that the photos just looked different? We have, so we decided to run our business different than everyone else. We think that it is so important to give you a voice and choices in how your photos look and here is how we have accomplished it.

Our "3 Choice" Edit Process

Here is an example of how it works:

1 - Book a session.

2 - Arrive at your session and have a blast with us.

3 - We deliver 2-3 images that are edited in 3 different styles. These styles differ from session to session depending on the location, time of day, the type of session that you're doing.

4 - You pick your favorite edit style after seeing yourself in all 3 edits.

5 - We edit your entire gallery in the style that you chose.

6 - You get to rest easy, knowing how your photos are going to look and having a voice, instead of just hoping for the best.

3 Choice Edit - Photography
3 Choice Edit - Photography
3 Choice Edit - Photography