Welcome to JT Photography's latest blog post, where we share the enchanting story of Monica and Keith's intimate post-wedding photo session at the stunning Gilman Tunnels in New Mexico. If you’re searching for the perfect location for your wedding or post-wedding photos, Gilman Tunnels offers a breathtaking backdrop that will make your love story come alive.

Why Choose Gilman Tunnels for Your Photoshoot

Gilman Tunnels, nestled in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, is a hidden gem that offers a unique and picturesque setting for any photoshoot. Originally constructed for the Santa Fe Northwestern Railway, these tunnels now provide an awe-inspiring backdrop with their rugged rock formations and scenic views. The tunnels' dramatic and natural beauty makes it an ideal location for capturing beautiful post-wedding moments.

The Magic of Monica & Keith's Photoshoot

Monica and Keith's love story is one of those timeless tales that deserve to be captured in the most magical way possible. After their wedding, they chose Gilman Tunnels for their intimate bride and groom photoshoot. The combination of the tunnels' raw, natural beauty and the couple's deep connection resulted in truly unforgettable images.

Capturing Intimate Moments

At JT Photography, our approach is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism. We believe in capturing genuine emotions and natural interactions. During Monica and Keith's session, we focused on showcasing their love and connection. From soft, candid moments to romantic embraces against the dramatic tunnel walls, every shot was a testament to their unique bond.

Why Post-Wedding Photos Matter

Post-wedding photoshoots are an excellent opportunity for couples to relax and enjoy each other's company without the pressures of the wedding day. It allows for more creativity and intimacy, resulting in photos that are deeply personal and meaningful. For Monica and Keith, it was a chance to relive the joy of their wedding day in a serene and breathtaking environment.

Creating Lasting Memories

Our goal at JT Photography is to create stunning images that our clients will cherish forever. Monica and Keith’s photos at Gilman Tunnels are not just pictures; they are timeless memories that they can look back on and relive their love story. Whether it's a candid smile or a tender touch, each photo encapsulates a moment that will be treasured for generations.