We're so happy you chose us!

We are so honored that you have chosen us to share your photography experience with! This page is dedicated to the clients who have booked with us. Continue to scroll so that we can give you a brief idea of what to expect, along with some tips to follow for your scheduled photo session!

#1 Let’s get to know each other

Welcome, Our Names are Jonathan & Abbie


We are so excited that we get

to work with you!

We are your photography team.

Married in 2012, we are still madly

in Love and absolutely adore

capturing other families and

couples! When we're not photographing,

you'll find us at home with our 3

children or enjoying a movie at

the theaters!

Albuquerque couple photography

#2. What to Wear?

"Coordinate but don't match"

Here, we want you to think neutral tones! We love to show examples of the colors that we mean when we say "neutral", you can find this visual example below. This family gives the perfect example of earthy, neutral tones! Notice how they are all coordinating with one another but not "Matching" colors or patterns. Avoid any clothing with text, large logos, or characters as this can make images less appealing.

Outfit ideas for family photography

#3. Preparing for the Session

  • To alleviate any stress make sure you lay out your clothes and you know exactly what you're going to wear the day before the session. This way you can make sure outfits are clean and non wrinkled.
  • Ladies, practice your hair and make-up a week before the session, go a full day while wearing what you tried. If you like what you did with your hair and make up for a whole day, odds are that you'll love being photographed with the styling and make-up that you used.
  • If wearing a light colored shirt/dress, make sure your bra isn't visible underneath, avoid dark or neon colored underwear as this tends to show easier.
  • Are you planning on a location you have never been? Not to worry! We maintain a constant string of communication and drop pins should you need them to get to your shoot with ease.
  • Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to keep the smiles going!

What to wear to a photography session

#4. Tips for Families

We LOVE photographing children! We know, being parents of 3 children, taking family photos can be very stressful. Don't fret! Children take the best photos just being themselves! While we do work on getting posed with kids we have found the photos most cherished are the ones with the children laughing and playing with personalities in full bloom!

Bring snacks and toys to help keep spirits high!

#5. What happens after the session?

After we have a blast taking your photos in the location that you have chosen, the real magic starts!

You get to choose your edit style!

We will take 1 photo from your session, and edit it 3 different ways. These styles usually include:

  • A "Vintage" Edit
  • A "Like Life, But Better" Edit
  • A "Signature" Edit

(Signature edit changes depending on location)

Albuquerque Photographer

#6. Our Photo Editing Process

After picking your favorite edit, here is an overview of how we edit every session:

  • We NEVER deliver RAW, unedited images. These images are for Photographers to work with in Adobe programs.
  • We hand pick the absolutely best images from your session
  • Each image is Enhanced to achieve the best quality for prints
  • We remove any distracting skin blemishes, pimples, etc...
  • We skin soften every person in each photo
Albuquerque Photographer

#7. Our Photo Delivery Process

  • We deliver all of our images to a Private, Online Client Gallery through our Website.
  • After the editing process is completed. We will deliver a link to your gallery by email/text message that includes a download PIN and a password.
  • Anyone that you give your password to will be able to view your gallery.
  • You'll be able to download your photo's directly to your device.
  • You will have the option to buy prints/canvas/wall art directly from your online gallery but we DO NOT require you to buy from our store. You're able to print from anywhere that you'd like.


Quality will be lost from images if printed from anywhere that does not utilize professional grade printers such as Walgreen's or CVS

Albuquerque Photographer family